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 Emotional ArchaeologyTM

It's all about discovering your hidden treasures, the strengths held deep within your soul.  Just imagine an archaeological "dig" to understand the concept of this multi-faceted modality created by Deborah Ravenwood.  Laying the groundwork for the session to begin,  Deborah creates a safe, nurturing environment for her clients.  From this peaceful space, you can begin to observe your inner landscape.  The experiences of our lives deposit emotions deep within us.  Deborah guides you step-by-step through the process of clearing the layers of energetic debris caused by imbalanced emotions.  Learn to recognize your hidden strengths and how to release old patterns which no longer support your greatest good.  In each and every moment, Deborah respects your personal boundaries by meeting you "where you are".

How does it feel to live a balanced life?

These comments were shared by Deborah's clients:​

  • Relaxed, pain-free

  • Grounded, connected to my inner wisdom​

  • Peaceful

  • Confident and encouraged

  • Healthier because I can sleep better and am more relaxed

  • Energized

  • Light and happy

  • Comforted

  • More available to my own intuition

  • Able to take the next steps in my life

  • Less reactive and more responsive

  • Happy

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