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Meet Deborah

Wise Woman & Healer

The purpose of this page is for you to get to know me.  To become comfortable with understanding what I can offer to you as a wise woman and healer.  The simple answer is you can rest assured that you'll be truly heard...listened to without judgement for perhaps the first time in your life.  There's no need for you to second-guess yourself or be concerned about the right thing to say during our conversations.  In my practice,  I've encountered a number of women who have learned to keep silent, to be seen and not heard--stifling their passion and burying their dreams to meet the demands of others. Honestly, it is mind boggling.   

Growing up surrounded by strong, intuitive wise women myself, I've learned how to move through the challenges life has thrown my way.  My mother was the one in our neighborhood that everyone would come to for advice on just about anything from remedies to take for an upset stomach to how to heal a broken heart.  Everyone knew her as someone you could always count on to listen to your story, and you knew she could keep your secrets, too.  

For over twenty years, I've put my heart and soul into helping women like you reclaim the power and strength of their signature sound, their voice.  Imagine being able to feel grounded and confident enough in your beliefs that you speak and act from a place that truly reflects your passion--your authentic self.  The woman who embraces and loves herself at every stage of her life can be you!  

The choice is yours and the time is now to embark on a journey to reclaim yourself.

I'm at your service,


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A session with Deborah is a journey for two...a collaboration between practitioner and client where you gain valuable insights and learn how to use this knowledge to support yourself as you continue your personal work on a day-to-day basis.

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