Elements of a Session

Emotional Archaeology TM  sessions can consist of many elements of healing in answer to a client's needs.  Together we'll choose the combination that works for you.

Intuitive Guidance

My intuitive guidance comes through the ability to listen not only to the words being said, but to the message being sent from the heart.  Listening without judgement allows me to hear what is being shared from the heart and soul of a person using my highly-developed sense of intuition.  By fostering a safe, nurturing environment for my clients, a deep connection is made that far surpasses the "now".  From this place beyond time, I hear what the heart longs to share...those memories and feelings you may not know how to put into words yourself--the ones that may feel beyond reach until a deeper connection is made.  I offer this guidance from a place of deep respect and honor for the individual.

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Flower Essence Therapy

Looking at ourselves from an energetic model, we are not just physical forms, but also complex energetic systems of mental, emotional, spiritual and physical electrical patterns flowing harmoniously or experiencing various electrical "tangles".  These "tangles" impede the movement of the electrical energy in our bodies and, eventually, this type of diminished flow impacts our physical body.  Flower Essences are energetic tools and are effective because they work to unravel electrical tangles.  Each flower essence has its own unique energetic vibration or electrical pattern.  We interact with the world energetically, i.e. we know when a place feels good, or when someone doesn't "click" with us.  We know this without language because we are using our electrical system within our bodies to "read" our world.  When we experience the energetics of a flower essence that offers a balanced vibration where we are out of sync, our bodies can recognize and benefit from its problem-solving vibration. 

From another perspective, I like to share this example.  Imagine a choir and a choir director.  When the choir begins to practice, their voices are not all resonating on the same note.  The director either uses a pitch pipe or sounds a specific note that the choir then seeks to emulate.  When everyone is in sync, they are all resonating at the same vibration and making one harmonious sound.  What is actually happening?  The musical note made is a specific vibration made by vocal chords and emulated by each individual until everyone is singing the same note.  In the case of the use of flower essences in my practice, consider the flower essence to be the choir director and our out-of-balance emotions/vibration to be the choir.  During a session, we identify the emotions which are out of sync and causing you to feel off balance; I create an individualized combination of flower essences specific for your needs which you take (orally) on a regular basis allowing your energetic system to access the balanced vibration provided by the flower essence.

Since flower essences are vibrational and not chemical in nature, they do not have side effects.  During a session more information about dosage, etc. will be provided to you.  You then may choose if you wish to use this support tool for your healing process.  There is no additional charge for your "remedy bottle"  i..e., custom essences when having a session.


Sound Healing 

Anyone who has listened to music knows the impact that it can have on us.  Music can transport us back in time... simultaneously accessing the emotions recalled along with our memories.  It can provide a calming influence when we need to relax or create a festive party mood.  It's all in the vibration being created by the instruments or voices we hear and how our body and soul interpret them.  I use Tibetan Singing Bowls and a magnificent custom-made gong I've named Danu---to offer a level of sound healing that is soothing and restorative.   Imagine relaxing on a warm, inviting BioMat while receiving a healing concert of your own.   

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Hands-on Healing

I was classically trained as an energy medicine practitioner at the Institute of Healing Arts & Sciences, graduating in 1997.  My mentor was a graduate of the Barbara Brennan School in the early 90's.  Over the many years I've been in practice as a healer, my method of hands-on healing has evolved intuitively.  I am committed to assisting my clients with their personal process of healing.  Interacting with a person's energy field in a deeply intuitive way,  I offer the energetic support the body needs to reach its own state of alignment and healing.  The process offers clearing, balancing, and renewing of the energy field that supports our physical and emotional health. Energy medicine through hands-on healing reaches every aspect of a person’s life affording them a better quality of life.  I am often asked the difference in methodology with Reiki.  Training in the field of energy medicine differs from Reiki as there are no "attunements" which provide healing prowess to an individual.  However, there is an extended period of training and personal process work that a potential practitioner must undergo before graduation that may take several years.  Personal process work entails deep evaluation of one's own wounds and the release and healing of the ramifications of that history.  The result is becoming a clear channel for healing energy that is not filtered through your own experience--an invaluable tool indeed.  My clients have shared with me that they feel my work affords them a deeper level of healing that brings about profound personal insights as well.  The experience is worth a thousand words.


Soul Cards

This is a reading done using cards that have no assigned meaning to them and differ from tarot.  I interpret these artistic cards specifically for the individual and share the messages Spirit offers.  All readings are done with the intention of assisting with the healing process of my clients.  A reading is done in collaboration with Emotional Archaeology sessions to promote insights to further enlighten the experience rather than as a solo option.

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