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Reclaim Your Energetic and Spiritual Balance

Emotional Archaeology TM

with Deborah Ravenwood

Hello and Welcome

to my website

I'm passionate about empowering women to move through life embracing the realization of what they are capable of being and becoming.  I developed Emotional Archaeology through my first-hand knowledge of learning how to thrive by embracing each experience in my life and learning what I could from it.  This practical knowledge coupled with my high-developed intuition forms the bedrock of my work.  For twenty-five years, I've helped women move through the challenges in their lives with grace.  Through non-judgmental listening, I create an opening for you to find your voice. 

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Emotional ArchaeologyTM 

The elements of my practice are varied to meet your needs at each session. Click on any of the boxes below to learn more.

"Finding the key to a well-balanced life gives you a greater sense of yourself by healing the wounds that keep you from knowing and trusting yourself fully."

Educate - Engage - Empower

Clients share their experience of working with Deborah

"Emotional Archaeology unlocks the reasons why our past experiences have impacted and shaped who we are today.  Deborah pinpoints what you are struggling with in a way that is respectful and gentle.  Sessions with her have brought me to a place where I know I am worthy of love and deserve to be respected.  My outlook on myself and my relationships have benefited because of our work together."

Michelle L.

"I was looking for a way to get my chaotic life under control.  Deborah gave me the tools to make changes in my life in a practical and insightful way.  I'm able to apply what I've learned to become calm and grounded.  All is well!" 

Karen M.

"Working with Deborah has shown me how to move through the challenges in my life.  I can make the highest and best decisions for myself with greater ease.  Deborah's guidance has helped me to release negative emotions and let go of old patterns.  I feel confident and encouraged to move forward in my life."

Gia S.

Come Home to Yourself 

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